Nintendo is going totally ’80s to celebrate the NES Classic

Like, grody, gag me with a spoon

Nintendo’s cute lil’ NES Classic Edition will be available (or maybe not) in stores a week from today. To commemorate the launch, Nintendo is celebrating with some throwback ’80s events at its stores and on social media. That’s anachronistic, but go with the flow, I suppose.

On November 10, fans who visit the Nintendo store in Manhattan’s Rockefeller Plaza can participate in an ’80s themed launch event that will include a trivia contest, breakdancing demonstrations, a costume competition, and photo opportunities, all prior to the midnight launch.

On November 10 and 11, Nintendo’s social media accounts will host an event it’s calling “Remembering #NESterday.” Nintendo fans will be encouraged to share their photographs and memories of playing the NES, and will be able to participate in a Twitter sweepstakes where it’s safe to assume some of the miniature consoles will be given away.

Once the console launches, Nintendo will be doing something really cool for people who might not remember these classic games as well as they think they do. Between November 11-13, you’ll be able to call the Nintendo Power Line from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific time to get help with the retro games included on the system. The line will be automated, so you won’t be able to speak to a live Nintendo Game Play Counselor. However, the telephone number (425) 885-7529 is the same as it was thirty years ago, allowing for changes to Washington’s area codes.

As always, long-distance rates may apply, so make sure to check with your parents before calling. Or I suppose you could just go to GameFaqs, but where’s the fun in that?

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