Nintendo is going to try and sell us a lot of games a second time

At the Nintendo Japan Press Conference, Nintendo announced the “Wii de Asobu Selection,” a group of Gamecube games that are being ported to the Wii. We already know that Pikmin is one of the games planned for Wiimake, but IGN has revealed an additional six titles today.

Since they’re already doing Pikmin, it only makes sense that the sequel come along for the ride. Both Metroid Prime games are going to get Wii controls also. The adorable (and sadly brief) Chibi Robo! is on the list, as well as Mario Tennis. But the big one for me and the first to be hitting stores is Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, the platformer originally designed around Nintendo’s bongo controllers for Gamecube.

This news really makes me happy because I think Jungle Beat is a fantastic game that not enough people took the chance to play because of the accessory controller. I don’t believe that I’ll buy it a second time (I really like the bongos), but it’s wonderful that more people will get the opportunity to try out one of Nintendo’s more kooky and fun games in recent memory.

Of course, we still don’t know when/if this collection will venture out of Japan and into other markets. I doubt Nintendo would waste the chance to milk more cash out of us at a minimal expense, however, and would not be the least surprised to see these cropping up early next year.

Conrad Zimmerman