Nintendo is going to sell Pokemon Sword and Shield ‘complete editions’ for $90 each

Game + expansion pass

As you know by now, first-party Nintendo games rarely go down in value in the first few years of their existence. The same can be said about Pokemon Sword and Shield, which is still rolling with a $60 MSRP. It looks like the upcoming “complete editions” are going to be using that same tactic.

In case you missed it, The Pokemon Company announced recently that there was going to be a physical bundle for both Sword and Shield that also packed in their accompanying season pass. Thanks to an Amazon listing for Pokemon Sword, we now know exactly how much that’s going to cost: $90. In short, that’s literally just the price of the game itself and the actual digital pass ($30), which comes with two DLC expansions.

So basically, if you prefer physical and haven’t picked up the new Pokemon game yet, you can either opt for this package or the original run and just buy the pass manually. The box says that “no separate download” is required for the expansion pass. Also note that this new edition comes with 100 Poke Balls and a Pikachu/Eevee uniform (which were originally pre-order bonuses).

The “Game + Expansion Pass” physical bundles will be released on November 6.

Pokemon Sword + Pokemon Sword Expansion Pass [Amazon]

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