Nintendo is boring: The Wii has failed to invigorate many, despite N’s claims

Only yesterday I brought you Nintendo’s most pompous claim yet — that gamers were apparently bored until Nintendo rubbed the cobwebs from their eyes and introduced our messiah in the Wii. However, according to research, it is Nintendo that’s the boring one.

A recent Japanese report revealed that nearly 75% of Wii owners haven’t touched their consoles in a long time, and goes on to question why there hasn’t been the same kind of excitement for software that we saw with Wii Sports. For all the millions of sales that Nintendo has had with the Wii, it seems the software attach rate is rubbish. Perhaps a case of people buying based purely on hype before realizing they have nothing to do.

The report came courtesy of  Enterbrain president  Hirokazu Hamamura (whose company publishes Famitsu). He adds that DS sales are expected to ship over the 30 million mark by 2009. No surprise there, and well deserved for the little portable that could. 

Back to the Wii, a similar report from IGN concludes that 67% of customers haven’t gone near a Wiimote in some time. This makes me wonder — when those caught up in the Wii fad finally have what they want, what’s next for Nintendo? Right now the company can sit on its hands and watch the money roll in, but it’s going to want to reel the fish it’s hooked before we see more white waggle boxes on Ebay.

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