Nintendo holding conference on October 2, might announce something interesting

Reports all over the Internet have indicated that Nintendo would be holding a press conference in Japan on October 2. Unfortunately, most of the reports have been in that Japanese moonspeak that we don’t understand. 

Kotaku‘s Japanese-speaker and all-around handsome fellow Brian Ashcraft, however, does understand the moonspeak. And according to him, Nihon Securities Journal has revealed that Nintendo will hold a conference on October 2 in which they will announce “new products.”

Now before everyone gets excited, keep in mind that Nintendo of America has already gone on record as saying that they’ve already revealed their hand for the remainder of the year. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t announce hotness for 2009; Nintendo won’t be attending Tokyo Game Show this year (as usual), so this might be a good opportunity for them to reveal their wares. 

Is anyone excited about this, or has the lack of recent core-gamer-related megaton announcements from Nintendo gotten you down? 

Nick Chester