Nintendo hits over 700 million all-time home and portable systems sold

Roughly 300m consoles, 427m portables

As someone who has bought at least one of every Nintendo system since the NES, it’s incredible to see just how much the company has sold throughout my lifetime.

According to public data straight from Nintendo, the publisher has reached a milestone of over 700 million systems sold — both of the console and portable variety. Breaking it down, consoles from the NES to the Nintendo Switch era hit 300.54 million units sold, and portables from the Game Boy to the 3DS sailed to 427.11 million.

Comparing consoles the Wii is by far the greatest success, it’s not even close, at 101.63 million units. Of course the Wii U is the worst at 13.56m, and incredibly the Switch (19.67m) is already approaching the GameCube’s lifetime sales (21.74m) in just over a year — next stop, The Nintendo 64 at 32.93m.

In the portable arena everything has hit a respectable 70 million mark at minimum. The DS towers above the rest with 154.02m, followed by the Game Boy (and Game Boy Color) at 118.69m, then the Game Boy Advance at 81.51m, and the 3DS at 72.89m. You can really start to see some trends form too, with every other generation generally hitting a stride — especially on the portable side.

The full list is available here, which also includes software sales. You can also find a full chronological breakdown from us starting with the most recent systems below.

Dedicated Video Game Sales Units [Nintendo] Thanks John!

Nintendo Switch

Hardware: 19.67 million units
Software: 86.93 million units

Nintendo 3DS

72.89 million units
367.84 million units

Wii U

13.56 million units
102.28 million units


101.63 million units
919.94 million units

Nintendo DS

154.02 million units
948.62 million units

Game Boy Advance

81.51 million units
377.42 million units

Game Boy

118.69 million units
501.11 million units

Nintendo GameCube

21.74 million units
208.57 million units

Nintendo 64

32.93 million units
224.97 million units


49.10 million units
379.06 million units


61.91 million units
500.01 million units

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