Nintendo has made ‘no such announcement’ about new DS, won’t comment on rumors

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If you’ve felt that your Nintendo DS was lacking a camera and a built-in music player, word of a huge Nintendo DS redesign might have tickled your rear. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, Nintendo’s remaining tight lipped on the matter. 

“Nintendo has made no such announcement and will not comment on rumor and speculation,” Nintendo UK told CVG on the matter. 

So, case closed? Japanese newspaper Nikkei seemed pretty confident in delivering the information of the newly designed DS, complete with info on its larger screen sizes, improved Wi-Fi capabilities, camera, and MP3 player. The new unit, reportedly set to hit Japan later this year, was said to hold the same 20,000 yen price tag as the current DS Lite.

Whether or not this pans out to be true, it couldn’t hurt things for Nintendo to introduce a redesigned handheld. While sales are still strong, things aren’t what they used to be, but something as simple as a new look (or color, as Nintendo are fond of doing) could reinvigorate the market.

Nintendo will be holding some press events in both Japan and North America this week, and then would be as good a time as any to pull the sheet off of a new monster.

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