Nintendo gives away free feather stylus for DS

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Nintendo is giving free stuff away right and left these days. Is it a clever ruse to keep store shelves wiped clean of Wiis? Or simply a not-so-subtle way of screaming at the top of their collective lungs of the best-selling DS, “IT PRINTS MONEY!!” At any rate, if you head over to the official website and join My Nintendo and register your copy of Phantom Hourglass, Ninty will send you a cool little feather stylus for free.

From limited editon cels to hourglasses, this release sure has prompted a lot of giveaways. Hey, we aren’t complaining. Besides, anything endorsed by Jim Sterling is pretty much a must have, and as you can see here the stylus has earned the patented “monocle of positive consideration.” Now head over to the registration page and get yourself some free loot!

[Thanks Adam!] 

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