Nintendo getting downloadable films. Paying for SD TV is fun!

Why should the Xbox 360 have all the fun with Netflix? Now the Wii is getting its own entertainment channel, with the totally not gay name of Everybody’s Wii Theater! Yaaaay! It’s for everybody!

Due to launch in Japan from January 27 (so not quote for everybody), this online video rental service will contain around 3,000 titles, including Astro Boy, Transformers, Hajime no Ippo, and Dogtanian. It’s mostly anime, with a few movies, educational programs, and drama shows thrown in. The rental options are as follows:

  • A single title for two days: 300 Wii Points
  • Two titles for three days: 600 Wii Points
  • Three titles for five days: 800 Wii Points

The main question of course is: How is Nintendo expecting to deliver the content? With the Wii’s tiny hard drive, it’s not like it can store much of anything. Are people meant to pay to stream it? On the Wii? Well, it’s unlikely to matter to us anyway. I doubt “everybody” will get a chance to experience Everybody’s Wii Theater, as there’s no talk of it ever coming across to the West.

Probably a good thing too, since the promise of paid film content that’s being hyped as “close” to DVD quality would quite rightly get laughed at by most people who know better.

Jim Sterling