Nintendo fan game community rises up, encourages sharing and updating following Pokemon Prism cancellation

Hopefully this project lives on

When Nintendo sent word over to the creator of Pokemon Prism that he was to cease his efforts on his fan project immediately, that directive technically only applied to him. Although he can’t share, facilitate, update, or even talk about Prism anymore, the community has taken to reddit, provided a walkthrough, and shared a pastebin of their intentions, which include widely sharing the game and working on updates themselves to fix some major bugs.

That’s because Prism is very much unfinished, and with the creator unable to provide bug fixes, it’s up to the community. The situation is so dire that even the videos for the ROM hack have been taken down, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from acting thus far. Again, given that this was a ROM hack getting strong-armed, it’s not really a typical situation — usually Nintendo sends cease and desist orders to full-on fan games.

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