Nintendo explains the “i” in DSi, confirms that there is no “i” in team

When Nintendo announced the DSi, nobody seemed to ask exactly what the “i” stood for, mainly because it’s Nintendo and anybody who dares question their wisdom gets crushed in Reggie’s savory fist of doom. Nevertheless, a few brave souls have dared to cast their filthy peasant’s eyes upon The Big N’s golden form, and asked the question. So, what does that “i” mean?

Nintendo’s answer was, of course, suitably pretentious and rambling, which seems to be Nintendo’s MO when it doesn’t want to admit it pulled the name out of a giant tombola full of stupid words like “Wii” and “Miyamoto”:

The “i” is symbolic of the subject “I” and its personal aspect. Plus, the addition of two cameras gives the system its own “eye” on things. Nintendo hope that the Nintendo DSi becomes more than a game system and more of a personal tool to enrich our daily lives.

Here I was thinking Nintendo wanted to trick Apple fanboys into buying it and the only reason it’s called a DSi is because Nintendo would get sued for releasing an iDS.

Not that I’m a cynic or anything. Personal enrichment tool my arse.

Jim Sterling