Nintendo DS Guinness World Record set

Forget records like the “world’s longest sushi roll” or the “world’s longest bathroom wait” – Nintendo has gone out of their way to set the most unnecessary record yet. 

A record has been set by Nintendo Australia and recorded in the Guinness World Record book, creating a new category in the listing. A crowd of 381 Nintendo DS owners gathered in Parramata, Westfield to break the record of the most people playing a Nintendo DS in one area at the same time. A Guinness World Record adjudicator was on hand to supervise and certify the record. 

Nintendo gave away goodies, DS games, and 15 DS consoles at the event. Why only 15 DSes? They could have given away 119 DS systems to shoot for an even 500 for the record.  

Also, these guys must be quietly overlooking events like the Tokyo Game Show, where I saw so many DS-lit faces that it would have taken a team of Guinness adjudicators to count them.

[Via Next-Gen

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