Nintendo DS game Zombie BBQ is definitely called Zombie BBQ

I’ve never heard of Barcelona-based publisher Gammick, and I’m afraid to say I’m really not familiar with developer Enjoy Up. But somewhere, someone decided to draw a picture of a zombie-fied swine wielding a scythe and my attention has been caught. 

According to the description on Gammick’s Web site, “Zombie BBQ is a really fun shooter for Nintendo DS.” Really, what else do you need to know? The game is called Zombie BBQ, for Christ’s sake. The game appears to follow the adventures of Little Red Riding Hood as she — sure, why not? — kills zombies with a shotgun. For the record, Gammick are the same publisher/developer who is working on the future classic, Animal Boxing.

I’m also amused that the game’s product page also lists the system requirements as “Nintendo DS.” So if you have one of those (and hands, I’m assuming), it looks like you’re all set. Unfortunately, it looks like Gammick are focused on predominantly Spanish-speaking markets, so who knows if we’ll see this one in North America. But if I’m going to import one game this year, it better have a name as good as Zombie BBQ.

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