Nintendo DS Classroom: Students to get modified DS in Japan

[As originally posted on Japanator]

Normally you’d get your DS taken away if you’re using it in class, but not with this modified unit that Nintendo and Sharp System Products is working on.

The Nintendo DS Classroom will feature “around 60 applications covering kanji, math, civics, physics, and history,” and will be made available to some students in junior high and high school in 2010, says G4. With this DS, students can take tests, do homework, and even get real-time teacher feedback via WiFi connection. The system will be shown off in Osaka at The New Education Expo 2009 this month.

We know “Dick-to-chat” is a given if it isn’t locked out, but I wonder if there will be a game slot as well. Doubt it. Nintendo probably loves the idea of DS tech being sread even farther, but what are they going to do when students negatively associate their system with homework and school?

Dale North