Nintendo DLC: WiiWare demos, Tetris Party, Spin Master

There’s a lot of offerings from Nintendo this week as far as downloadable content goes. This week kicks off the launch of WiiWare demos, as we reported earlier. You can nab Jett Rocket, And Yet It Moves, BIT. TRIP FATE, and ThruSpace for 0 WiiWare Points, and then buy them if you like ’em. There’s another offering on WiiWare that does not have a demo: Snowpack Park, a 800 Wii Point penguin hunting game where you’ll play as your Mii.

DSiWare gets Tetris Party Online this week (500 DSi Points). It’s all the modes of Tetris Party plus support for Wi-Fi online gaming. Definitely a good one to have. Time management game Supermarket Mania (500 DSi Points) is also out this week, as is DSi-turned-guitar app Music on: Electric Guitar (200 DSi Points).

Spinning back at us from the year 1993 is side-scroller Spin Master (900 Wii Points), which was originally released for the NEO GEO. I think this game looks pretty great. Some of the voice over work is hilarious, as you’ll see in the above video. 

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