Nintendo DLC Update: Bit.Trip and Super Mario Kart

It’s Monday morning. Aside from meaning that I need a lot more coffee, fat strippers, and protein to operate than on a normal day of the week, it means a whole new host of Nintendo digital downloads are available for purchase across the publisher’s various platforms. Get excited or something.

This week we see the release of BIT.TRIP.VOID, an important videogame as noted by its profuse punctuation and all capitalization, and the venerable Super Mario Kart.

But that’s not all — Nintendo continues to hack Electroplankton into even smaller chunks for download via DSiware, and several other developers have various releases across all three platforms. Check below the fold for a cute, short list of all the available titles and don’t forget to tell us what you’re downloading this beautiful, need-more-protein-and-coffee Monday morning.


– Aksys Games (600 Wii Points)
Harvest Moon: My Little Shop – Natsume, Inc. (1,200 Wii Points)
Little Tournament Over Yonder – Gevo Entertainment  (800 Wii Points)
Learning with the PooYoos: Episode 1 – Lexis Numérique (500 Wii Points)

Virtual Console

Super Mario Kart – Nintendo (800 Wii Points)
A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia – Majesco Entertainment (500 Wii Points)

Nintendo DSiWare

Castle Of Magic – Gameloft (500 Nintendo DSi Points)
myNotebook: Blue – Nnooo (200 DSi Points)
Electroplankton Luminarrow – Nintendo (200 DSi Points)
Electroplankton Sun-Animalcule – Nintendo (200 DSi Points)
Electroplankton Lumiloop – Nintendo  (200 DSi Points)
Electroplankton Marine-Crystals – Nintendo (200 DSi Points)
Electroplankton Varvoice – Nintendo  (200 DSi Points)

Brad BradNicholson