Nintendo DLC: The Musical Edition

There’s a group of musical offerings in this week’s update of downloadable content for Nintendo game systems. As a musician and gamer, this pleases me. 

WiiWare title Violin Paradise (700 Wii Points) supports four players that can play virtual stringed instruments (violin, cello, viola) together. Someone can even be the conductor. You play as a group, covering famous classical pieces.

DSiWare title Jam Space: PocketStudio (500 points) is like a little pocket recording studio. You compose tracks in an editor, with full control over midi functions. This is like full-blown professional kit. Not even ten years ago, dedicated devices that had similar functions cost up to $800. $5 blows my mind. 

Just Sing! Christmas Songs is probably the most accessible of the musical selections this week. This 200 point DSiWare title lets you do exactly that, singing carols into your DSi mic. You’ll get feedback on your rendition of “Jingle Bells” or “Silent Night.” I hope they’re nice.

There’s a few non-musical titles this week. Family Games is a bunch of…family games for 500 Wii points, on WiiWare. Gaijin Games’ lilt line racer also hits WiiWare, and there’s a free demo to try out. The SNES version of Taito’s shooting classic, Darius Twin, hits Virtual Console for 800 points. Finally, Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ comes to DSiWare for 800 points.

Dale North