Nintendo DLC: Puzzle games galore

This week’s downloadable content offerings from Nintendo consist mostly of puzzle games. That’s perfectly fine by me as a puzzle game fan. 

On the WiiWare side we have Spot the Differences! (500 Wii Points) which has a Time Attack mode that sounds fun. WayForward’s LIT is what they call a horror-puzzle game. It’s available this week for 1,000 points, and there’s also a free demo to try it out. Urbanix (500 points, 0 for the demo) has you building a town in a little tractor in 150 levels of classic gameplay, which is kind of puzzle-y. Work with me here, people.

For DSiWare there are even more puzzle games. Boom Boom Squaries has a great name and chain reaction gameplay for 200 DSi points. I suck at tangrams and shape puzzles, so I probably won’t be getting 505 Tangram (500 points).

There’s a few non-puzzle games in the offerings for this week. On the Virtual Console, NES classic S.C.A.T. is available for 500 points. Side-scrolling shooter G.G. Series Dark Spirits is out for DSiWare for 200 points. My must-buy of the week is Shawn Johnson Gymnastics. You can stick your vaults and nail your landings (hot!) for 500 DSi Points.

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