Nintendo DLC: Put on your makeup!

Screw all the rest of what Nintendo has lined up this week. Let’s play makeup!

No, really. Who needs music making game Just JAM (Wiiware, 800 Wii points), puzzle game Jewel Keepers: Easter Island (3DS/DSi, $4.99), or eShop Game Boy games Fortified Zone ($3.99) or Qix ($2.99)?

No. Fudge all of that. You want Make Up & Style, a $4.99/500 point eShop/DSiWare title that lets you paint on makeup on 3D faces with precision. Customize a realistic 3D face and then paint away with countless makeup types, brushes, lipsticks and more. Girl!

When you’re done caking that sh*t on like a tramp, be sure to download Roller Angels or Farm Frenzy, both priced at $4.99 or 500 points. 

Dale North