Nintendo DLC: Pucca kisses game

Nintendo’s DLC offerings for this week aren’t as Valentine’s Day-themed as we had hoped they would be, but at least one game has some kisses in it. WiiWare title Pucca’s kisses game (500 Wii Points) is abouta gal who dreams of smothering her beloved little ninja Garu with kisses. As the player, you’ll help her get some smooches in in this interactive animation.

In chick chick BOOM (800 points, demo available) you’ll defend chicks through the power of drawing. Chronos Twin DX also has a demo version, and the full version is 1,000 points.

There’s three titles for DSiWare this week. Agetec’s Treasure Hunter X has you…collecting treasure (200 DSi Points). Swing a yo-yo to zip to platforms and bust enemies in Oscar in Toyland 2 (500 points). Finally, puzzle-platformer Panda Craze (500 points) has you guiding panda Tik-Ling home through various lands. 

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