Nintendo DLC: New Year Edition

Nintendo brings in 2011 with several new DLC offerings for your Wii or DSi. A puzzle game that uses sneezes to pop bubbles comes to the Wii in Sneezies (500 Wii Points). Ghost Mania is also a puzzle game, and is also 500 points. It’s a falling block game that works ghosts into the mix. DreamBox Games has a demo of Robox up this week. If you like it, the full version is available for 1,000 points.

On the DSi, Jason Rohrer has a 3-pack of his best games in Alt-Play: Jason Rohrer Anthology. 200 DSi points gets you art games Passage, Gravitition, and Between. Get your word search on in 100 puzzles in Word Searcher 2 (500 DSi points). Abylight has a cool drum sequencer out for DSi this week with Music on: Drums (500 points). Use 160 sounds and 32 parts to record your own tracks.

What are you getting this week?

Dale North