Nintendo DLC: Mighty Flip Champs is flippin’ sexy

If puzzles are your game, and you’re looking for some new DSi software, then Mighty Flip Champs! (1 Player, 800 DSi Points) might be up your alley. The game is a maze runner, but in order to solve any of them, you have to flip back and forth between the two mazes on your DS screen. Dale has a preview of the game coming up later today, in which he says the game is, “original and highly addictive puzzle title that oozes style and retro appeal” — something to be expected from developer WayForward.

If Square-Enix is your overlord, then rejoice, for today is the day the sequel to Final Fantasy IV hits Wiiware. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (1 Player, 800 Wii Points) is, as it sounds, set years after the events of the original where, shockingly, monsters have started reappearing in the world, wreaking all sorts of havoc. So it’s up to the old team, along with familiar friends, to save it.

Then there’s also Texas Hold ‘Em (1-6 Players, 500 Wii Points) for you card fans, which will let you play, you guessed it, Texas Hold ‘Em online with up to five other people online. Hey, the game also has full Mii support!

And finally, for you Retroforce fans, today’s Virtual Console title is Boulder Dash (1-2 Players, Commodore 64, 500 Wii Points). The game will have you reliving those old memories of digging for diamonds while attempting not to be smashed into a pancake by boulders galore. As for me? After the game’s release, it took me another three years to be born.

So, enjoy this week’s releases from Nintendo!