Nintendo DLC: Gambling and disco lights

The variety of downloadable weekly releases for Nintendo’s game systems never fails to amaze me. This week’s offerings are truly a random blend of styles and genres. What’s great is that most of this week’s offerings are pretty nifty.

ZALLAG’s Gods vs Humans sounds pretty cool. This 1,200 Wii Point WiiWare title has you playing one of 16 gods from the worlds various mythologies, striking down humans that try to enter your domain. There’s 60 solo levels and a two-player split screen mode. 

Mix Superstar (500 Wii Points) is right up my alley. It’s a music making title that lets you mix over 1,000 drum loops with guitar, bass, synths and other drums to create your own songs. It supports the Logitech USB mic and Wii Speak so that you may lay down your own vocals. You can even export your finished track to your PC!

For DSiWare we have three titles. GO series Pinball Attack! is 500 points and is called a unique fusion of pinball, exploration and shooting. Adventures in Vegas: Slot Machine (200 DSi Points) lets you get at the machines to test your luck, but doesn’t come with the infrequent free, watered down drinks that you’d normally get playing real one-armed bandits. Finally, Discolight (200 points) is a…disco light. Screens flash to the beat of music. You can lay out a bunch of DSi systems to create a trippy light show. 

I’m definitely getting Mix Superstar. What are you interested in?

Dale North