Nintendo DLC: Fast cars, gambling and puppies

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This week’s digital offerings from Nintendo are like a list of my favorite things. Fast cars? Those come by way of Need for Speed: Nitro X, which is available for the DSi this week for 800 points. Gambling? It’s no Las Vegas, but 21 Blackjack works in a pinch (500 DSi points). The puppies are in a fetching game. It doesn’t sound very exciting, but I’ll take downloadable puppies any way I can get them. Go Fetch! is 500 DSiWare points, and is exactly what it sounds like. 

Pups continue onto the Wii with WiiWare title Derby Dogs (500 WiiWare Points). This is a dog raising/training/handling sim that supports competitions with other handlers via online connection.

The odd man out this week is Triple Running Sports. I hate running. I hate sports. They call this “one of the most advanced recreational running games available for the WiiWare service.” Sounds like a drag to me. If you do like running, this one is only 500 Wii points, and supports two player running action.  

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