Nintendo DLC: Cave Story, Magical Drop II, Frenzic

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This is the day a number of DSi owners have been waiting for. Yes, the Nintendo DSiWare service gets the hidden object game Spot it! Challenge (200 DSi Points) today. It’s been a long wait, but rest assured, it’ll be worth it. There’s also Frenzic to look forward to, which is similarly priced at 200 Points.

There’s another game — perhaps you’ve heard of it? — that’s coming to the service today as well: Cave Story. Ah yes, what an amazing title. Holmes tells me there’s a new jukebox mode with those Holiday-themed songs. This one will cost you 1,000 Points, and Europe will have to wait until December 10.

What’s more, there’s now a demo for the WiiWare version of Cave Story; demos — those things are still cool, right? Other WiiWare releases include Airport Mania: First Flight (500 Points), which promises “whimsical characters,” and HB Arcade Disc Golf (1,000 Points).

Finally, the ultra-bouncy Neo Geo puzzler Magical Drop II hits the Virtual Console for 900 Wii Points.

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