Nintendo demonstrate more ideas with Labo’s Toy-Con Garage in new video

You can make a Quote Unquote Cannon

Nintendo have released a follow-up to last week’s Labo video, showing how software package Toy-Con Garage can be used to make all manner of fun inventions and games.

The new video starts with the creation of a remote-control tank and a pint-sized Kaiju. Using the software’s basic coding system, which assigns actions to the Joy-Con’s various buttons via “nodes,” users can make the tank move using the rumble feature. When the camera picks up the marker sticker on the monster’s head, further vibrations will cause the cardboard destroyer of worlds to tumble “Mission Face-Plant accomplished!”…apparently.

Mad on power, the narrator then shows how you can use further nodes to include button presses, add sound effects, and more. We then see the science behind Labo’s marker sticker, which interact with the Joy-Con’s infra-red beams to create action and reaction. All this leads to a sweet-looking organ grinder device, my favourite Labo invention so far.

Whilst Labo isn’t for me – and I understand that perhaps jaded sociopaths approaching forty are probably not its target audience – I do think some of these home made devices are very cool, and that imaginative kids will create some fascinating tools with it.

The first Nintendo Labo kits launch April 27 on Switch.

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