Nintendo crushes Bowsette as canon dreams, clarifies that only Toadette can use the Super Crown

‘Sorry Luigi’

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I can just imagine the look on Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime’s face as fans and games writers everywhere ask him what he thinks of the Bowsette phenomenon. A faceless rep offered up a “no comment” repose, probably for the best, and now thanks to an official item description on Nintendo’s website, it’s officially addressed in a backhanded kind of way.

As most people know “Bowsette” is created when Bowser puts on the Super Crown, transforming him into a princess. But on the updated New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe site, the Super Crown item description is listed as follows: “When Toadette finds one of these, she can transform into the super-powered Peachette (Sorry Luigi – only Toadette can use this item!).

With no mention of Bowser, it’s confirmed that Toadette is the only character who reacts to the Super Crown. It’s kind of funny in a way that Nintendo is ignoring the whole situation: they were probably waiting for this moment to nip it.

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