Nintendo claims that it’s not selling your Miitomo info

But it can sure use it to market to you

All this time we all kind of assumed Nintendo was blatantly selling all our personal info from Miitomo, but apparently that’s not the case — at least, according to the publisher itself.

Responding to a Kotaku article, Nintendo issued the following statement: “The goal of our Miitomo questions is to spark fun conversations with your friends and for you to discover new facts about them as they answer the questions being posed. That’s why Miitomo generally avoids yes or no questions. As to the answer information our consumers provide through the Miitomo app, it is only used to provide a better experience for Nintendo consumers and to support the application. Neither Nintendo nor any of its partners sells or shares that answer information for any other purposes.”

Note how “better experience for Nintendo consumers” was not related to “support the application,” so they are of course using that info to market to you directly from within, but it’s nice to hear that they aren’t selling to the highest bidder.

Nintendo’s Miitomo Is Designed For Oversharing, Which Is Creepy [Kotaku]

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