Nintendo and Treasure execs pooh-pooh the N64

If you would have asked either Nintendo or Treasure at the time, they would have told you that the Nintendo 64 was the best thing ever. Now? Not so much. In a roundtable session called Ask Iwata, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and Treasure director Atsutomo Nakagawa look back at the console and wince.

Nakagawa: …Yes. That’s why we thought we could work on the Nintendo 64 too. But, the Nintendo 64 … sure was something (bitter laughter).

Iwata: (laughs) It was a machine that was hard to create things for and didn’t work at all.

Nakagawa: Y-Yes. It didn’t work at all…

Iwata goes on to say that even though it was a full 3D system, the limitations held it back. Despite its strengths, “it was hard to use and turned out to be a machine that didn’t work at all.”

It’s kind of sad to hear this talk, seeing as how I really enjoy playing my N64. Sometimes.

[via GoNintendo]

Dale North