Nintendo and the AHA to make an announcement May 17

This is it. The partnership you’ve all been waiting for. On May 17 Nintendo and the American Heart Association are going to make an announcement in the city of New York. What this announcement will be is shrouded in mystery. A mystery so thick that only wanton speculation could follow — and so it shall.

It’s pretty obvious that this will have something to do with Nintendo’s ever expanding focus on getting people off their couch. The release only mentions Wii Sports Resort and Wii Fit Plus as examples of Nintendo’s games. Most likely the AHA is going to come out and support them or co-brand a game with them.

However, if you’ll allow my speculation to run a bit more wild, this could have something to do with the Wii’s upcoming Vitality Sensor. After all the sensor measures your heart rate and the American Heart Association cares about people’s hearts. I have put two and two together and concluded that Vitality Sensor news could be coming from this announcement. Then again, with E3 so close why would Nintendo blow its load now?

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