Nintendo airs first commercial in Taiwan in roughly a decade to push the Switch

The Switch is moving on up

Nintendo hasn’t been pushing anything hard over in Taiwan for a while. The last time the company advertised over there was when the Wii was new, but that just recently changed according to several sources in the region.

Nintendo has produced a commercial for Super Mario Odyssey for Switch, marking the first time they’ve advertised in Taiwan for roughly a decade. According to user Chinese Nintendo, the ad was aired at 8PM in Taiwan during primetime.

It’s a testament to Nintendo’s global rollout of the Switch, in an attempt to capitalize on its popularity as quickly as possible. It’s a smart move, as resting on their laurels could have let some third parties slip through their fingers — now they have just about every western and eastern studio scrambling to make or port something onto the Switch.

NS新闻速报 [Weibo via Chinese Nintendo]

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