Nintendo accounts for 23% of GameStop’s new game sales

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As if we needed any more evidence that Nintendo is a gigantic cash cow with ripe udders bursting with delicious, fat-free cash. GameStop has revealed in its annual  Securities and Exchange Commission report that the Japanese company currently accounts for a staggering 23% of its new game sales. 

Bear in mind that Nintendo is one of roughly 75 companies that sell through GameStop. That figure is actually down from Fiscal 2008, where it was 25%. In both cases, it’s still damn impressive. By contrast, Sony managed 17% in Fiscal 2009, followed jointly by Microsoft and Electronic Arts with 12%. Activision just squeaked into the top five with 11%, reaching double digits for the first time ever. Quite amazing when you consider how successful Activision actually is. 

In any case, the general message to take from this is the same message we get every time — Nintendo makes lots of money. Everyone else makes less. 

Nintendo 23% of GameStop’s non-used business [GameStop]

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