Ninjatown is adorable

Today, we got a few screenshots and details on Ninjatown. Initially, I was going to make fun of the title and proceed to dismiss the various character types we got information on. Unfortunately, these little guys are too cute. I would hate to make one of these things cry.

If you check out the gallery below, you’ll notice four very unique characters. The orange guy, called Wee Ninja, is a citizen of Ninjatown. He possesses the skills “Stealth Hug,” “Sneak Snuggle” and “Fists of Tickle Fury.” The White Ninja is a special snow Ninja, who specializes in concealment. The Anti-Ninja just looks cool while the Baby Ninja is simply too cute for words.

The game is slated for an October release on the Nintendo DS and I find myself wanting to hit my retailer up to pre-order the game. Unfortunately, I don’t want the clerk to think less of me. How can I protect Ninjatown if I can’t muster up the strength to get the game? I guess I could always ask the White Ninja to give me a hand.

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