Ninjatown DS trailer somehow makes cute ninjas okay

It is a universal fact that ninjas should not be cute. It really kills the credibility of being a ruthless killing machine if women are cooing over you. However, figure in a DS title populated by Shawnimals, and somehow the whole concept becomes somehow much more acceptable. For those of you not familar with them, Shawnimals is a line of toys that appeals to the designer toy set that collect goodies such as Kubricks and Qee bears.

Southpeak Interactive will be showing Ninjatown at Leipzig Games Convention this week. They describe it in the press release as “a quirky but intensely addictive strategy title”. As usual, the DS continues to delight with its eccentric library, and people with hardcore habits for cute attacks continue to feed the monkey. We can expect to see Ninjatown’s US release in the first quarter of 2008. This has been Colette Bennett, your official commentary on all things squeeworthy, now signing off.


[Via GameVideos

Colette Bennett