Ninjas and reflexes coming to the Wii and DS?

Some game called Ninja Reflex may be coming to the Nintendo DS and Wii, and it might be published by Electronic Arts. No one knows what it is, but we can all agree on one thing — ninjas are cool, and reflexes are pretty sweet, too.

A listing for the game has appeared on Gamefly, in both DS and Wii versions. No game by any such name has been announced by Electronic Arts, but the videogame rental Web site claims the game will be available in March of 2008. Little known fact: March is actually “National Ninja Reflex Month” in Takayama, Japan.

While that last statement may be completely false anywhere outside of our imagination, retailers have been known to accurately “leak” game titles prior to announcements. We hope to hear more about Ninja Reflex soon. We’re also praying it’s a ninjitsu training non-game, because we’re tired of getting picked on at school, and we just want to kick somebody’s ass.

[Via Siliconera]

Nick Chester