Ninjala celebrates six million global downloads

Don’t go sticking that under the table

It has to be said that GungHo Online’s arena shooter Ninjala didn’t quite take the world by storm as the developer had perhaps hoped, but that doesn’t mean that the vibrant multiplayer title hasn’t won over its fair share of fans. In fact, GungHo just announced a milestone of six million total downloads, garnered over the seven months since the game’s release.

Available as a free-to-play title for Nintendo Switch, Ninjala combines chaotic melee combat with acrobatic parlour-style stage traversal, as players battle it out in a number of modes to take their team to victory. Inevitably drawing comparisons with Nintendo’s own multiplayer battler, Splatoon, Ninjala has not seen quite the same level of success, but has found favor with some fans due to its lighthearted action and emphasis on customization.

The five million download milestone was achieved back in October 2020, so another million players have jumped into Ninjala‘s sticky world over the winter period. GungHo Online has more updates planned for the title throughout 2021, so it would appear that – for now at least – Ninjala‘s bubble hasn’t burst.

Chris Moyse
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