Ninja Turtles in Smite means we’re blessed with footage of Michelangelo catching big air over a fire demon


Where were you when Tony Hawk landed the 900? Where were you Danny Way jumped over the Great Wall of China? Where were you when I went over the half-pipe, through the secret room, collected the hidden tape, and grinded the quarter-pipe along the whole back wall?

Iconic moments in skateboarding history. More iconic than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles skating all over Smite? Tough to say.

Smite‘s new battle pass launches tomorrow, and it’s completely TMNT-centric. We learned about this collaboration last month, and how Hi-Rez Studios is reskinning the Turtles to play the roles of existing gods. We were not prepared for the sheer number of ollies and kickflips and pizza-eating that we’d get. Judging by the new trailer that dropped today, I’m not convinced the Turtles will make good on any of the battle arena aspects of MOBA.

And maybe that’s why I love this trailer. It’s not bogged down in attack stats and roles. There’s no minutiae, there’s just skateboards and pepperoni. Here are the TMNT Battle Pass update notes for anyone who is interested in the nitty gritty. I’m just here to watch Michaelangelo catch big air over a Fire Giant.

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