Ninja Theory doesn’t expect a sequel to Enslaved

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West looks gorgeous, plays well, and has a fantastic premise. Despite all these plus points, however, developer Ninja Theory is realistic about its chances of success. The game is being developed without plans for a sequel, so don’t expect any major cliffhangers or giant story arcs.

For this game this is the one story, we focus everything on that one story and pretend there won’t be a sequel,” says studio head Tameem Antoniades. “So no, we don’t have a big arc.

“We did Kung-Fu Chaos and there was no sequel for that. Heavenly Sword, there was no sequel for that. So we’re now in the mindset that there’s not going to be a sequel for this unless it’s miraculously successful. Well not miraculously, but we don’t assume it’s going to be successful.”

Well, I for one hope it’s successful. I played this at E3 and was impressed to find a game that, unlike Heavenly Sword, was as fun to play as it was to watch, with Ninja Theory finally getting the balance right between gameplay and story/graphics. If this game isn’t a hit, I will have to do murders.

Enslaved ‘We don’t expect a sequel’ [CVG]

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