Ninja Gaiden Sigma trailer; not quite as awesome as the T-1000

Continuing tonight’s theme of videos about ninjas, we bring you the brand-new trailer for the upcoming PS3 title: Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

Ryu Hayabusa has always been the epitome of ninja chic. From his early days on the original NES, to that time he made out with my girlfriend at that Metric concert, he has always been the man to look up to if you had aspirations of one day running along a wall, stabbing three guys in the face, doing a backflip and making a tremendously sexist quip, all in one swift motion.

Thankfully, unlike the last video I showed you guys, this trailer is full of pure ninja awesome. Aside from having a hidden mode where you could control a liquid-metal Robert Patrick as he hunts down John Connor, this video couldn’t have been more true to the spirit of the traditional ninja.

Also, Tecmo, if you’re reading this, I get sixty or seventy emails every day asking when you’re going to include Robert Patrick in one of your games, so if you could make that happen, I would appreciate it.

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