Ninja Gaiden and Rygar arcade games rated by ESRB for VC

If you were worried about the low quantity of Virtual Console releases as of late, there are still good things a-comin’. Over on the ESRB website, Siliconera spotted ratings information for the arcade versions of Ninja Gaiden and Rygar. Good times.

Both of these games are pretty different from the ports that gained popularity on the NES. Ninja Gaiden is a beat-em-up instead of a run-and-gun platformer and it has some really great art and animations. Rygar is less of a departure, but doesn’t have the world exploration aspect that the home console port features, which is a big part of its appeal for me.

No idea when we can expect them to release, but ESRB rarely lets us down when it comes to premature announcing of upcoming titles.

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