Nine minutes of South Park Fractured But Whole that you shouldn’t watch

Don’t spoil yourself, unless you’re not sold yet

South Park: The Stick of Truth is an amazing game, one of the best in gaming at perfecting what it set out to do, a game truly deserving of perfect scores. A lot of fun is from the humor, and going in blind was the best experience. It’s already bad enough to spoil yourself of too much gameplay for a video game, but one full of jokes is even worse because you save nothing for your own playthrough.

I only recommend watching this trailer if you’re not entirely sold yet. I mean, the last game was made by Obsidian while this one isn’t, and many great jokes and references regarding both South Park and video games were already made in the first game. So, I have my own reservations about how this one will stack up to its masterpiece predecessor, but I’m going to believe in the almighty Trey Parker and Matt Stone and enter the game blind without watching this or any other gameplay.

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