Nike to produce light-emitting Sony PlayStation shoes

PlayStation Con-soles

Sony and Nike have announced new sneaks preparing to hit the market. The basketball-style shoe, known as the “PG-2,” is designed around the legendary PlayStation brand.

The sneakers feature both the PlayStation logo and the Nike “Swoosh” (it’s called that, right?) and have a varied deep blue and black colouring, reminiscent of multiple PlayStation console brands. The lace-locks are coloured like the symbols on the Dual-Shock controller’s face-buttons.

The respective company logos, emblazoned on the tongue of each foot, light up at the press of a button, with a reported 150-hour battery life. Remember those 1988 Paula Abdul trainers that did that? Oh, wait, you weren’t born for another eleven years. The shoes also come packaged with a code, which will allow purchasers to download a matching dynamic theme for their PS4.

The Nike PG-2 PlayStation Colorway will go on sale February 10, priced around $110.

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