NiK NaK’s gonna school ya’ on Dragon and Wizardology for the Wii

Unless you’re an eleven-year old boy, chances are you’re not familiar with Templar Publishing’s ‘Ology series of books. These large, ornate volumes explore the study of things like dragons, wizard spells and other magical information, all with a “serious” educational tone.

The books Wizardology and Dragonology have sold over 15 million copies worldwide, and are now set to drive my spellcheck mad. NiK NaK (the new arm of Kuju Entertainment with a focus on games for young players) has announced that its first titles developed for the Wii will be Dragonology and Wizardology for Codemasters.

Not much is known about the titles, other than them being action games and the first in the series — Dragonology — will be released in the second half of 2008. Oh, and if you are in fact an eleven-year old boy: poopy, boobs, penis, fart.

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