NightSky soundtrack now available online

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Nicalis’ latest release NightSky is interesting. I have a review that I’m working on for the game, which is a sort of marble-physics puzzle thing. While I am not quite ready to issue a final verdict on the title, I will say that the soundtrack is exceptional. Very atmospheric and generally soothing, I would often stop playing to do something else and then forget to close the program for hours while it lazed along in the background.

Now I don’t have to load the game to get this effect, as the official soundtrack has been released by its composer Chris Schlarb. The forty-track collection can be streamed for free on Schlarb’s Bandcamp page and you can download the entire album for $5 (or more, if you’re feeling generous). Go give it a listen and then give in to the urge to toss the guy a few bucks for it.

NightSky Soundtrack [Chris Schlarb via GameSetWatch]

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