NiGHTS sequel more or less confirmed!

… I say “more or less” because, y’know, they might be lying. Lying with a massive cover story. Remember that issue of EGM that touted world exclusive coverage of the US Congressional MMO (“omg filibuster rush!!11”)? Just like that.

However, it remains that earlier ruminations over a possible NiGHTS sequel on the Wii finally have some corroboration: a preview cover of Swedish gaming mag Gamereactor‘s April issue promises a world exclusive preview of the oft-rumored update to Sega’s cult classic. From what little information that the scurrying agents of the NeoGAF forums have translated, we know that the NiGHTS sequel will be a new title (no worries about some slapdash VC re-release of the original, kids) on a yet unknown platform. While the rumor-machine is pointed very squarely at the Wii, nothing can be said for certain just yet.

Regardless of the platform, this is big news for fans of the classic title. We’ll be sure to hurl gobs of information regarding the new NiGHTS as soon as it’s made available.

[Via NeoGAF]

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