Night Trap’s re-release gets delayed in Europe

They never saw it coming

Seeing as how Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition released yesterday for digital platforms, you’d think the announcement of a delay for different regions would have happened sometime last week. Sadly, that isn’t the case for Europe, as Night Trap was quietly not uploaded to the PSN (it released globally on Steam). How do you miss a release date for a digital game? It’s not like you can run out of copies.

Turns out this is due to translation requests that came in at the last minute. For those unaware, a lot of European game releases contain multiple language options for the vast array of countries that encompass Europe. While there is only one product, you can’t just slap English in and call it a day when people in Germany, France or Poland don’t speak English. While I don’t think anyone necessarily is worried about not experiencing Night Trap in Italian, Sony’s European division is still waiting on approval for the game.

As for when the game will make it overseas, developer Screaming Villains is claiming the first half of September at the latest. The company’s hands are more than likely tied in this situation, but some better communication would have been nice.

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Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.