NieR: Automata producer talks PS4 Pro support and possible Xbox One port

Can we get the first NieR on Xbox One, too?

In an interview with Game Rant, the producer of NieR: Automata, Yosuke Saito, discussed how the upcoming title by Platinum Games would support Sony’s new PlayStation 4 Pro console, as well as the possibility of an Xbox One port.

According to Saito, NieR: Automata will run at 60 frames per second on Sony’s more powerful machine, as well as support “4K quality graphics.”

I should stress that the term “4K quality graphics” may not actually be an explicit confirmation that NieR: Automata runs at a full 4K resolution, despite it very much sounding that way. Considering the compromises that The Last of Us and The Witness made in order to achieve a full 4K resolution, with both games dropping their framerates down to 30 FPS instead of the usual 60 when the player selects that option, I really wouldn’t be surprised if NieR: Automata ends up utilising a form of upscaling on the PS4 Pro in order to achieve its 4K/60FPS target.

Of course, I would love for Platinum Games to prove me wrong on this account.

Yosuke Saito also didn’t mention how the PS4 Pro version of NieR: Automata would handle 1080p screens. I’m just hoping that performance is on par with or better than the base console version.

On the topic of a potential Xbox One port, Saito confirmed that Platinum Games is putting some consideration into releasing a version of the game for Microsoft’s console, although that’ll come at a much later date and only if it’s reasonably successful on PS4 and PC.

While it does suck that Xbox One owners are essentially being left in a sort of limbo with regards to the possibility of a NieR: Automata port on their console of choice, it’s certainly nice to know that the door is open for a possible release on that platform sometime in the future.

Now if only Microsoft and Square Enix could get around to releasing a backwards compatible version of the original NieR on Xbox One so I don’t have to dust off my old PS3 to replay it.

NieR: Automata May Come to Xbox One, Will be Optimized for PS4 Pro [Game Rant]

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