Nier: Automata is the latest excellent Xbox Game Pass addition

YoRHardly ready

Square Enix is making the most of Nier‘s tenth anniversary. Fresh off the reveal of a Nier Replicant “version up” and a new Nier mobile game, Square Enix is doing what it can to get more people acclimated with the wacky worlds of Yoko Taro.

That’s why 2017’s Nier: Automata is being added to Xbox Game Pass on April 2. Soon, subscribers can experience a game with 26 endings, one of the balls-craziest stories I’ve ever seen, and so many emotions even though everyone’s a robot.

People who love Nier: Automata really love it, and they’ll sing its praises as loudly as they can. I’m one of them, and here are some stray observations I had a mere 15 hours in. It was too early to truly understand Nier: Automata and those last few hours came down like a sledgehammer on my heart.

If nothing else, Nier: Automata deals with virus attacks and, uhh, that’s pretty on the nose.

Brett Makedonski
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