NieR: Automata books are getting a North American release

Giving you that awkward sexual sadness in real life

To say that NieR: Automata is a great game wouldn’t do it justice, it’s one of the best games I’ve played in years and a lot of that has to do with the story. I’m only 20 or so hours into it and it’s already reduced me to tears a few times, thanks to Yoko Taro’s beautiful and heartbreaking tale of war and loss.

It has also been a runaway hit in the West, which is a big change from the middling success of NieR and the Drakengard series in the same market. So it’s nice to see that success over here being rewarded with a Western release of a novelization of NieR: Automata as well as a short story collection.

The novelization, titled NieR: Automata: Long Story Short, will detail the events of the game while also expanding on the story, going deeper into character thoughts and exploring the events encountered over the course of the game.

The short story collection, titled NieR: Automata: Short Story Long, will feature, well, short stories set within the NieR universe. Going off of the Japanese release of the book, these stories are “The Flame of Prometheus,” “Orbital Bunker Observation Diary,” “Small Flowers,” “Memory Thorn,” “A Much Too Silent Sea,” and two original tales titled “Emil’s Recollection,” and “YoRHa Ver. 1.05.”

Both books will be released by Viz Media with Long Story Short already available to pre-order, with an MSRP of $14.99, ahead of its October 8th release. Short Story Long will release sometime in Spring 2019. As someone who loves depressing short story compendiums, particularly for bathroom reading, Short Story Long will fit snugly next to my Patricia Highsmith and Philip K. Dick collections in the throne room.

A book of NieR: Automata Short Stories is being translated into English by Viz [PC Gamer]

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