Nielsen ratings are fact, Wii third place in overall console usage

Nielsen ratings are awesome, partially because they keep my favorite T.V. show (JAG) alive and well. Nielsen also collects videogame data. The kicker is that the demographic willing to fill out the questionnaires aren’t exactly “in the now” like the majority of us are. The latest console usage chart indicates that the PlayStation 2 is still rocking hard and the super spectacular crazy-selling Wii only nabbed third place.

Charts like this aren’t exactly great barometers, nor can any analysis derived from be taken too seriously. You’ll notice that the original Xbox has netted a few more minutes of playtime than the PlayStation 3. Also, the GameCube is still a threat with a healthy 4.6%.

The “Other” category is of interest, mainly because who the hell knows what people are playing. Do you think the either the Sega Dreamcast or Atari Jaguar is making some noise? What about the 3DO or the SNES? The possibilities are endless.

[via GoNintendo and GameCyte, thanks Brian!]

Brad BradNicholson